Diamond Sawing – Lafarge Cement UK, Stoke

Ram Services Limited - Diamond Track Sawing

Nash Industrial Services contacted Ram Services and stated that they required a section of reinforced concrete wall 6m high x 2m wide x 375mm thick removing from the Lafarge coal store in their Stoke factory, to allow Lafarge to utilise larger vehicle access.

Scheme: Lafarge Cement UK – Stoke
Problem: Removal of a section of wall
Solution: Diamond Track Saw into sections drill lifting cores and crane out
Client: Nash Industrial Services Limited
Contract value: £2,000.00


Ram Services produced a plan of operations, which would not only be cost effective but more importantly be safe.

The plan of action was to cut the wall into 3 sections utilising a diamond track saw and a crane to lift them out.

The diamond track saw is remote controlled, therefore minimising health and safety risks to the operatives.

The first operation was to drill two 150mm dia cores in each of the three sections, then to track saw the three horizontal cuts to form the three sections.

Ram Services then completed the vertical cuts, attaching the chains of the crane through the previously drilled holes and lifted each section off as the track saw completed the cut.