Pressure Grouting

Small volume placement of cementitious and resin based grouts in difficult situations.

Pressure grouting can be used for …

  • Ram Services Limited - Pressure Grouting Culvert RepairsInfilling of spaces under machine bases, annular gaps around pipe inserts, voids in steel fabrications.
  • Injection of cement based grouts into or around masonry structures to strengthen cavity or rubble wall construction, stabilise loose fill, prevent movement and improve structural integrity.
  • Use of small to moderate volumes of foamed concrete or grout to fill redundant drains, sewers and manholes or to fill voids beneath redundant bridges or subways.
  • Prevention of ground water ingress into precast segmental concrete manholes, shafts, culverts and tunnels
  • Remedial work to make good the effects of washout and other disturbance caused by ground water in masonry bridges, culverts, tunnels, shafts, basements, man holes
  • Grout materials used are conventionally pre-bagged, cement or cement:pfa mixes, mixed mechanically and delivered to the point of application using mechanical worm pumps
  • Special formulations are available, for example to resist washout when grouting voids with high water flows, or to suit heritage requirements, where a lime based material may be specified.

Pressure Grouting Information

Ram Services Limited - Pressure Grouting Culvert RepairsUse of non-cementitious grouts is used in more demanding situations where, for example…

  • leakage of water is a problem, requiring techniques such as interstitial grouting of brickwork and masonry walls, bridge arches, culverts and tunnels using aqua- reactive polyurethane resin grouts
  • high strength repair may call for the use of epoxy resin based grout
  • heritage situations suggest use of more traditional lime based grout formulations


Pressure Pointing and Grouting of Riverside Drystone Retaining Walls

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Masonry Repairs: Impounding Reservoir Weir & Spillway Refurb

Routine reservoir inspections raised concern regarding the possibility of water penetration through the overflow weir structure at Cantref reservoir. This, coupled with further concerns over open joints in the walls and floor of the spillway below the weir, was such ...
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Ram Services Limited - Pressure Pointing Culvert Repairs

Masonry Repairs: River Irwell Culvert, Bacup

In this culvert, Ram Services Limited’s confined space trained labour force worked over an extended period of time to strengthen and stabilise the aged masonry arched culvert roof over the River Irwell in Bacup. Constructed in stages over the years, ...
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