Ram Services Limited – Structural Repair and Refurbishment

A successful structural repair project requires more than just a good contractor.

It requires a diversity of expertise that has the capability to assess the problem, determine and then implement an effective solution, whilst maintaining a high level of awareness of cost, programme and health and safety issues.

Ram Services Limited do just that….we have specialised in structure condition survey, investigation and repair or refurbishment of all types of structure, both above and below ground level since 1980, undertaking work of any size up to £500,000.

These include reservoirs water towers, culverts and tunnels, power stations, bridges, multi storey car parks, water treatment works, heritage, industrial, commercial and marine infrastructure, old and modern.

Our experience and capabilities are recognised by the CHAS, Constructionline and UVDB Achilles national databases, and by inclusion as an approved specialist contractor on lists maintained widely by both public and private sector organisations, including the following;

We are well known for our willingness to deal with the awkward and unusual, and are often contacted for advice at an early stage in a structural refurbishment project.

Early involvement frequently develops to include structural investigation and testing, from which the true extent of problems affecting the structure concerned can be determined, and the most appropriate remedial measures chosen to meet a clients precise needs.

We can assist in looking at

  • the feasibility or practicality of carrying out structural repair works,
  • the development of specifications,
  • and are not averse to challenging treatments proposed by others where we feel a more durable or cost effective solution is available.

Our experience includes;

  • Structural leak sealing using cement, polyurethane and acrylic injection grouts
  • Pressure pointing of masonry arches, bridges, culverts and retaining wall structures using cement and lime based materials
  • Structural and non-structural concrete repairs using cementitious and resin based concrete repair materials
  • Small volume specialist pressure grouting using cement and resin based grout formulations
  • Structural waterproofing with sheet, liquid, trowel and spray applied proprietary material systems
  • Structure condition survey and investigation including material testing, interpretive reporting and detailed recommendations and costings for structural repair works found to be needed
  • Strengthening of bridge decks, multi storey car parks, commercial or industrial buildings and other infrastructure using resin bonded steel and carbon fibre reinforced composite materials
  • Supply and installation of waterproof expansion joint systems for car parks, bridge decks and water retaining structures
  • Sealing and repair of cracks in concrete and masonry structures using injected cementitious, epoxy, polyurethane, acrylic or polyester resin grouts
  • Repair of brickwork and masonry structures including the installation of mechanical anchors and tie bars
  • Protective, decorative coatings to render, masonry and concrete surfaces
  • Maintenance painting of steel bridges, tank linings, pipe work etc including work on potable water storage structures
  • Chemical resistant coatings or linings to spillage containment bunds

… in addition to a range of more conventional construction trades where clients want the full package from a single trusted organisation.

We also have in-house specialist expertise, plant and equipment to undertake structural alteration work including formation of openings or removal of redundant structural components as part of redevelopment or alteration works for lift shafts, escalators and plant access.