Diamond Wire Sawing

Ram Services Limited - Diamond Wire Sawing

Diamond wire sawing has been traditionally used in stone quarries and the development of the equipment for use in the construction industry has been a fairly new development.

Using diamond impregnated wire driven around a series of pulleys by electrical or hydraulic drive systems, diamond wire sawing can be used in a variety of ways not feasible with other forms of diamond drilling or sawing equipment. Examples include work in restricted spaces where access might be awkward, complex structural configurations and situations where especially thick or highly reinforced sections of concrete need to be cut for removal.

The technique is fast, vibration free, does not require over cutting, and can leave square sided smooth cut openings where needed


  • Dust and vibration free
  • Electrical or hydraulic drive systems
  • Equipment can be operated remotely to improve safety where applicable
  • Suitable for use on awkward or irregular structures where other methods may be unsuitable.
  • Perpendicular and variable inclined angle cutting is possible
  • Cutting of large diameter circular openings is also possible
  • Plunge cutting is possible where back face of structure to be cut is in-accessible
  • Unlimited cutting depth
  • Length of wire can be varied.
  • Ideal for cutting through thick concrete slabs or walls, beams, large diameter pipes, columns, wall bases etc.

Ram Services Limited - Diamond Wire Sawing  Ram Services Limited - Diamond Wire Sawing  Ram Services Limited - Diamond Wire Sawing 


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