Diamond Track Sawing

Diamond Track Sawing or Wall Sawing

Diamond track sawing or diamond wall sawing equipment can cut straight sided openings in floor and walls slabs in the most heavily reinforced concrete of depths of up to 1000mm.

The wall saw is compact, and its handy modules and simple setting up ensure safe and economic usage in a wide array of working situations.

Diamond sawing is vibration free, and lends itself to work where new openings are needed in floor slabs for lift shafts or stairwells, where structural alterations are being carried out, or as part of a structural dismantling process.


Maximum blade diameter

Maximum cutting depth

Saw motor types

  • Hydraulic,
  • 110V electric,
  • 415V 3-phase electric


  • Water treatment infrastructure
  • Power stations
  • Bridges
  • Retail and commercial developments
  • Internal/external/confined spaces/at height

Alignment to any angle

Cut through concrete / asphalt / brickwork / stonework / steel

Dust and vibration free



Client Testimonial

NS – Black and Veatch – June 2016

“Thank you for the great performance that your team has done for the concrete cutting.

Excellent Performance, excellent attitude, very professional and positive attitude is what describe your team currently carrying out concrete cutting at Oldham WWTW.

Under you supervision the team worked so hard and safely against all odds.  Thanks for the professionalism shown on this element of work.”




Ram Services Limited - Diamond Track Sawing

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