Structural Leak Sealing

leak sealingWater loss from, or water ingress into a wide variety of structures is a common problem….

… and one that Ram Services Limited have been using structural leak sealing techniques to deal with for over 30 years.

We have developed techniques for a wide variety of leak sealing requirements. These use a variety and combination of caulking compounds and injected cementitious, epoxy, polyurethane and acrylic resin grouts.

Leak sealing work is often carried out in a confined space working environment, and utilises a variety of conventional and specialist plant.

This includes single and twin component, hand or mechanically operated injection pumps which are used drive leak stopping chemical grouts into place and stem water leaks affecting…

  • water retaining structures
  • basements
  • chemical storage bunds
  • manholes and lift pits
  • tunnels and shafts
  • canal lock and aqueduct structures
  • pipe lines
  • bridge structures

Other measures are available to effectively deal with leaks through mechanical expansion joints of car parks and bridges, through joints in water retaining structures subject to large movements and in large diameter pipe joints.

Client Testimonial

RR – Nomenca Limited – May 2014

“A large element of this has to be attributed to the lads at Ram Services and the good working relationship that has developed between Nomenca and Ram Services. They have been very helpful and reactive as soon as any mention of leaks has been passed on to them on all three of these sites.”

leak sealing