Controlled Demolition of Suspended Concrete Slab in Wastewater Treatment Works

Ram Services Limited - Controlled Demolition with Brokk 90

At Sandon Dock WwTW, Ram Services used Controlled Demolition techniques to remove a failed concrete floor slab from within one of the BAFF tanks.

Ram Services Limited’s technical staff were tasked to undertake a series of regular structure condition surveys of eight BAFF cell floors to check for structural deterioration arising from possible overloading.

Using a variety of concrete investigation techniques, each cell floor was checked for signs of cracking and structural movement prior to a detailed condition report being prepared. These included;

  •  Dimensional and level checks
  • Concrete sampling and testing for cement content, sulphate, chloride and carbonation levels
  • Half cell potential measurements and cover meter checks
  • Hammer and PUNDIT testing
Scheme:  Liverpool WwTW BAFF Cell Plant
Problem:  Suspected structural damage to reinforced concrete BAFF cell floor slab
Solution:  Structure condition surveys and removal of defective floor slab
Client:  United Utilities Water
Contract value:  £140,000.00


Following a survey the condition of one cell floor was considered such that replacement was necessary, and Ram Services Limited were tasked to develop a procedure to demolish and remove the floor prior to re-construction by others.

Limited access and the need to maintain adjacent BAFF cells in service called for the use of a robotic demolition unit to break up the floor slab into small fragments, whilst keeping vibration levels to a minimum.

All debris was then removed via existing 600mm diameter manways on electrically powered conveyor belts.


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