Concrete Repair and Refurbishment

Concrete Repair and RefurbishmentConcrete does not last indefinitely and can deteriorate as a result of a variety of mechanisms, leading to the need for concrete repair and refurbishment. These include weathering, frost attack, erosion, impact and mechanical damage, overloading, shrinkage and contamination by aggressive chemicals such as acids or sulphates.

Also common is cracking and spalling of the surface caused by corrosion of embedded steel reinforcement induced by carbonation or chloride contamination of the concrete, or as a result of poor placement at the time of construction.

Ram Services Limited carry out a wide range of concrete repair work, whereby cracked, softened, or otherwise degraded concrete is cut away prior to repair material being applied, and where steel reinforcement corrosion has occurred or surface contamination of the concrete is present, additional surface preparation work is undertaken in order to ensure a durable repair is achieved.

Concrete removal and preparation work makes use of traditional breaking, hydraulic bursting, hydro-demolition, high pressure water jetting and abrasive blasting techniques.

Reinstatement methods include hand application of lightweight cementitious mortars for small and cosmetic repairs, wet and dry spray techniques (gunite) and the use of repair concrete placed into formwork where more substantial or structural repair is required.

Concrete repair and refurbishment material systems used include those from established suppliers such as Flexcrete, Weber SBD, Feb/MBT, Sika and Fosroc.

Ram Services Limited are frequently asked to undertake structure condition surveys, from which we can readily develop repair schedules and costings in a true single source process.


Client testimonial

CO – Nomenca Limited – May 2015

“I want to commend JH and SR for their efforts on the St Helens Waste Water project last week.

From the first day the lads grafted none stop, and at times they worked through heavy rain.  They took Health & Safety very seriously and always ensured their working area was safe and tidy to work in. I had an audit on site on Thursday, and my Health & Safety man pointed out their good use of dust suppression, dust masks, and PPE in general.


Ram Services Limited - Concrete Repair and Refurbishment

Substation Structures Repaired and Protected

Ram Services Limited - Concrete Repair

Concrete Removal by Hydrodemolition

Ram Services Limited - Concrete Repair and Protective Coatings

Ram Services Limited – Concrete Repair and Protective Coatings

Ram Services Limited - Concrete Repairs and Protective Coatings

Ram Services Limited – Concrete Repairs and Protective Coatings

Ram Services Limited - Concrete Repairs and Protective Coatings

Anti-carbonation coatings to repaired concrete columns


Concrete Repair and Protection: Hazel Grove WwTW

Following a series of concrete condition surveys undertaken by Ram Services Limited in the period 2004-6, Ram Services were asked to develop a series of remedial procedures to deal with the long term affects of severe frost damage, poor original construction and the effects of reinforcement corrosion on two 27m long, three span aerator bridges. […]

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Concrete Repairs: A65 Long Preston Bridge

Corrosion of reinforcement and more crucially degradation by frost affecting the concrete retaining and parapet walls led to a scheme of refurbishment awarded to Ram Services Limited by term contractor Ringway. Scheme: A65 Long Preston Bridge Problem: Degradation of concrete retaining/parapet walls Solution: Concrete patch repairs and replacement of concrete coping   Client: North Yorkshire County […]

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Concrete Repair and Coating: 132kV Substation Concrete Repairs

During a series of planned outages in the summer of 2004 and 2006, Ram Services Limited carried out an extensive programme of structure repair and protection work at Bredbury 132kV substation for United Utilities Electricity (now Electricity North West). Scheme: Concrete Structure Repairs – Bredbury 132kV Substation Problem: Cracking and spalling of concrete surfaces due […]

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