Concrete and Masonry Repairs: Horse Coppice Impounding Reservoir

Ram Services Limited - Pressure Pointing and Masonry Repairs

As part of ongoing assessment and maintenance of all United Utilities Water’s impounding reservoir spillway structures, Ram Services Limited were asked to formulate proposals for refurbishment of the existing masonry spillway at Horse Coppice IR, close to Disley, south east of Manchester.

Scheme: Horse Coppice Impounding Reservoir
Problem: Loss of integrity in spillway pitching due to erosion of mortar from joints
Solution: Complete renewal of mortar pointing between pitching blocks
Client: United Utilities Water
Contract value: £53,400.00

The Ram Services Limited team raked out all the remaining mortar from the joints in the masonry section of the spillway, including the cascade steps, before flushing them clean with high pressure water jets, and then restoring loss integrity by infilling the joints with a durable proprietary cementitious mortar.

Sections of vertical joint in spillway steps were left open to allow ground water pressures beneath the spillway to be relieved where necessary.

Whilst on site, the team also undertook concrete repair and corrosion protection work to the reservoir’s precast concrete sectional lining to the draw-off tunnel.

Ram Services Limited has completed similar schemes elsewhere for Yorkshire Water and Dŵr Cymru Welsh Water.

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