Concrete Repair and Coating: 132kV Substation Concrete Repairs

Ram Services Limited - Concrete Repair and Protective Coatings

During a series of planned outages in the summer of 2004 and 2006, Ram Services Limited carried out an extensive programme of structure repair and protection work at Bredbury 132kV substation for United Utilities Electricity (now Electricity North West).

Scheme: Concrete Structure Repairs – Bredbury 132kV Substation
Problem: Cracking and spalling of concrete surfaces due to carbonation induced corrosion of reinforcement
Solution: Thorough repair of all affected concrete followed by application of protective coatings to inhibit further deterioration
Client: United Utilities Electricity
Contract duration: Three years
Contract value: £320,000.00

Work involved operating from hydraulic access platforms to reach defects on high level strain gantries as well as work to disconnectors and post insulator supports at lower levels.

Ram Services Limited staff undertook inspection and testing work on the structures as work progressed to ensure all defective material was dealt with, and repairs were completed to the highest standards whilst maintaining absolute safety in the substation environment.

Ram Services Limited has completed numerous similar schemes elsewhere for National Grid and UUE/ENW.

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