Diamond Plunge Sawing

Diamond plunge sawing offers the opportunity to carry out deep, straight line cutting as an alternative to the more commonly seen stitch drilling.

Use of specialist diamond plunge sawing equipment combining diamond drilling and sawing components allows precise cutting to depths of in excess of 3m.

A 200mm diameter pilot hole is drilled initially, which then serves to align the subsequent saw cut, formed using a sequence of diamond wall sawing blades of up to 1200mm diameter.

Consecutive cuts can be accurately aligned to extend the length of cut, or combined to form neat openings for doorways, service ducts, lift shafts, penstocks etc.

Plunge sawing is especially suited to heavy concrete or masonry construction, as found in power stations, dams, water treatment works, or, as in this case, in the engine house of a former textile mill.


Technical Data

Maximum blade diameter and width of cut

Maximum cutting depth
5000mm +

Saw motor types
110V electric
415V 3-phase electric

Water treatment infrastructure
Power stations, Bridges
Retail and commercial developments
Industrial premises